Historical Walking Tours
During the course of the year, I offer historical walking tours that cover various aspects of the history of the BERy, MTA and MBTA. These tours encompass information about the stations, trains and the surrounding neighborhoods and the changes that have occured over the years.

With the purchase of a ticket to the tour, you are given a color tour program that includes historical images and information pertenant to the topic of the tour.

My personal goal is to have something special included with each tour, that the average person does not get to see or experience. Sometimes these take time to develop, therefore even though I may have announced an upcoming tour, I may not have a date until much later.

I am not affiliated with the MBTA in any way, shape, or form, but I reach out to different people within the MBTA to help me arrange certain permissions and approval for what I would like to include. Many times, the type of tour I lead is a direct result of what the MBTA was able to do, to help me bring something special to those who are interested. I am very thankful to the MBTA and all that they have done to help make this possible.

To learn about my previous tours and any future tours, check out the links below.
Upcoming Tours
Past Tours
These tours are NOT affliated with the MBTA.